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Focus on your business, we've got your IT support covered

Our comprehensive management platform and expertise helps you leverage the full potential of IT for your business.

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Dream of better workflows, we'll build them.

Are you stuck in work rut? Are your existing manual processes slowing your business' growth costing you time and money? Our Workplace Innovation Engineers will create software solutions to escape the work rut and make your business soar.

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Managed services

A trusted Technology Advisor
serving Pittsburgh & Cleveland

CranstonIT is an Apple® centric professional IT services company and a member of the Apple Consultants Network℠ since 2005.  Serving Pittsburgh, PA Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas. We offer IT services for Mac®, iOS and Windows platforms and focused on the key desktop and mobile support solutions that help your business integrate Apple and third-party technologies.  CranstonIT’s certified system admins are dedicated to providing comprehensive computer and network support via managed services, ensuring your entire IT environment is continually maintained to the highest standards in the industry.


As your outsourced Chief Information Officer, we provide a single point of contact that understands and specializes in your technology to grow your business


Our remote Help Desk delivers robust support service to provide fast and efficient problem resolution — a highly effective first option unless onsite service is necessary


Our proactive approach provides ongoing monitoring to identify and solve small issues before they become disruptive


Our team securely manages your entire IT environment - users, passwords, inventory and software licensing allowing IT to work for you

Mac and Windows Computer Support

Certified Engineers
Dedicated Team
Innovative Solutions
2000+ Happy Customers
Workplace innovation Platform

Workplace Innovation Engineers

Custom App Development

As companies expand, existing workflow processes don’t always keep up — especially if you are still relying on spreadsheets, word documents or even paper.  Performance can lag, capabilities are compromised and solutions don't often scale as needed.  Today’s growth-oriented businesses demand applications that are highly specialized, hyper-connected and quickly customized as needed.

Rapid Development

We combine a customer-focused expertise with proven development methodology to take you from concept to deployment in as few as three weeks.

Connect Everything

Integrate with online services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google Maps, Salesforce or vitually any other Cloud-based solution with an API

FileMaker Business Apps

CranstonIT develops custom business applications that keep pace with your evolving needs.  We are a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, with more than 15 years of FileMaker development experience.  With a team of full-time, certified FileMaker developers, CranstonIT creates business applications built specifically for your needs.

As Workplace Innovation Engineers, we provide the expertise to build, modify and manage professional FileMaker applications.  We are proficient in using FileMaker’s platform to create innovative solutions that will help you escape the work rut, work anywhere and bridge the gap in your existing technology.

Gymkhana Gymnastics

"I don't know what I'd do without this consultant. We are a small office and we rely on this consultant to advise and guide us through options available to improve our business functions. We also do not have the time or expertise to troubleshoot issues and we are grateful for the immediate response to our cries for help.”

John Good, Service Equipment Company

"Very Satisfied! From our company's perspective Cranston IT is professional, reliable, knowledgeable and always there for our high-end computer or business needs.”

Heather Tillman, Strategic Investment Fund

"Lifesaving Peace of Mind. Wonderful resource to have on hand for catastrophes and computer advice. Courteous and patient with even the most technologically inept and self-inflicted disaster prone clients. Highly recommend."

Jon Rittenberger, University of Pittsburgh/Dept of Emergency Medicine

"Excellent work over years of service. We have been using Cranston IT for the last 4 years. They are prompt, reliable and complete work accurately. Their efforts have been integral as our longitudinal database has grown in size and complexity."

Lynnette Kelley, Thought Form Design

"Excellent service! I am always amazed at how smart the consultants at Cranston are. Yesterday, I had an issue that they helped me solve, and the consultant knew things that just impressed me so much, and made me feel so confident that we selected the right company to help with our IT needs. They are responsive, smart, and have always explained issues in terms that I can understand."

Darla Greico, Greico Insurance

"Continuing to minimize my workload. Spent hours learning Filemaker and created an app that met some of our business needs, but I knew the system was capable of much more. When I evaluated the time and effort it would take me to learn additional techniques within Filemaker, I knew the time had come to hire IT help. My relationship with Cranston IT and my assigned consultant has proven invaluable to reducing my data entry time and processing."

Who We Are

Our IT Support and FileMaker Developer Team

The skill and passion to help you reach your goals

Patrick Cranston
Team Leader and
Innovation Champion
Beth Lewis
Client Relationships and
Project Management Guru
Dean Wagner
Senior System Admin and
Server Savant
Marshall Lewis
System Admin and
Device Management Master
Topher Reed
Development Coordinator and Workflow Automation Pro
Alissa McClelland
Warm Welcomes and
Scheduling Sensei
Brad Cranston
Custom App Developer and
Cloud Integration Expert
Tom Brannen
System Admin and
Repair Virtuoso
Brandon Dewar
System Admin and Computing Wizard
Krista Craft
Billing, inside Sales and Back Office Superstar
Jessi Reed
Scheduling and Proactive Monitoring Maven
Mascot and Conniving Conure
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