Business users

Business Users - If you use your iOS device for business, you should NOT install the update at this time. There are certain to be problems with the new iOS and 3rd party programs and services. If you upgrade before the apps and services you rely on are fully compatible, you may experience severe issues that will negatively impact your business. We highly recommend waiting until Apple releases the second point update before installing the iOS upgrade and then verify that your mission critical applications and services fully support the new iOS before upgrading.

Residential users

Residential Users - We recommend that you wait until Apple releases the second point update of iOS 13 before installing.  Verify that any third party software, services or apps you use are compatible.

If all of your third party software is compatible or if you don’t use any third party software and you don’t want to wait for the first update, then please follow this advice. When updating, the installation could take an hour or more, so be sure your iOS device is plugged into a power outlet before starting.  As always, backup your data before you start the installation.

 Release Dates:

iOS 13 & watchOS 6 - September 19
iPadOS 13 - September 30
macOS Catalina 10.15 - coming in October

If you would like help installing the new updates, contact CranstonIT at 888-813-5558 or