Airports are chaotic on a good day.  But they couldn’t function at all without air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers maintain order in the sky and on the ground.  They keep everyone safe and moving forward.  And because they deal with a great amount of stress, they must have excellent problem-solving, communication and decision-mailing skills.

If CranstonIT had an air traffic controller, it would be Sally Simsack.

Sally is our newest team member, joining us in early August as our Dispatcher.  Sally’s top priority is to bring a calming influence to our clients when their technology winds begin to swirl.

“I recognize that problem solving will be a huge part of the job,” Sally explained.  “When tech goes down, it can create multiple business disruptions.  I need to align the solution to the problem as quickly and as effectively as possible.”

IT troubleshooting is not new to Sally.  She worked at Dow Chemical in Michigan solving  PC, server and network issues for more than four years.  Sally joined CranstonIT because it offered a more personal environment for her to establish stronger relationships with both our technical teams and our clients.

“I get the most satisfaction helping clients work through a tough situation and restoring their trust and confidence,” said Sally.  “I know IT issues can range from basic to complex, and effectively matching the right technician to the job can make all the difference to a frustrated customer.”

Our clients will be pleased to know Sally was cross-trained for her role by Alissa McClelland, who served in a similar capacity for CranstonIT for seven years.  Alissa has shifted into our Billing & Licensing Coordinator position, where she now manages licensing, invoicing, accounts receivables and much more.

More than anything, Sally was thankful that Alissa taught her the CranstonIT way — that relationships mean everything.

“Alissa emphasized that CranstonIT customer expectations center on a single point of contact that leads to fast problem resolution,” she said.

Sally and her husband Keith, now Kentucky residents, have been married for 37 years.  Their daughter Ashley is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) — another “air traffic controller” — who helps physicians manage clinical treatments and procedures during these high-stress COVID times.

The couple also has a musical passion.  In Kentucky, you can find Sally on piano and keyboard and Keith on electric guitar.  She sings — he can, but won’t, says Sally.

The next time you call CranstonIT at 888-813-5558, get to know Sally Simsack.  She will probably be the first voice you hear.  But don’t expect small talk or idle chatter — Sally has rough weather to navigate and soft landings to execute.